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zCharcuterie Board Cookie Decorating

Charcuterie Board

Join us for a delightful experience where creativity, meets culinary indulgence. Our cookie decorating class offers the opportunity to learn the art of cookie decorating, while enjoying a selection of delectable treats and sipping on your choice of drink. We supply the cookies to flood and your BYO to chug.

*Materials for cookie decorating
*24 cookies - 2 wine bottles, 4 wine glasses, 6 cheese, 3 crackers, 9 grapes
*Frosting: green, purple, orange brown, white
*1 showcase box

All other materials needed for instruction for cookie decorating

THURSDAY September 7th
6:00 TO 8:30 pm

Teacher - Carolyn
Cost - $45
Call 815-526-3316 to register or register online

zCharcuterie Board Cookie Decorating

$ 45.00